Pro-tips For Your Next Farmers' Market Visit

Take your farmers market experience to the next level with these pro-tips from our chefs.

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6 Healthy Peanut Butter Alternatives

Peanut butter is a staple of school lunches and afternoon snacks. However, not all peanut butters are created equal. Many brands add sugar, vegetable oil, and trans fats into what's normally, left to its own devices, a protein-packed snack. 

Additionally, if allergies come into the picture, or you're just looking to mix it up, it might be worth it to try some alternatives. Below, Farm to Fit has got you covered, with a handful of delectable spreads that compete with peanut butter on the nutritional front as well as on taste tests.

Healthy-(ish) Summer Dessert Recipes

Fit meals need fitting deserts. It's been a scorching summer so far, and we feel like we all deserve a reward. It can be tough when at the same time, you might be trying to keep an eye on your sugar or processed food intake! Cool off and treat yourself to beat the heat with Farm to Fit's 9 favorite healthy-(ish) dessert recipes.

7 Intermittent Fasting Types and Their Benefits

Fasting has been a staple of human spirituality and health culture for centuries. “Intermittent Fasting” only entered the spotlight as a weight-loss method after a popular BBC documentary in 2012. 

Just as there are many ways to do a pushup, there are several competing methods of intermittent fasting, each with their own unique advantages and disadvantages. In this week's blog, we're counting down the 7 most popular intermittent fasting types and their benefits, as well as their potential drawbacks.


The Diabetic Food Pyramid

We wanted to shed a little light on the Diabetic Food Pyramid—an alteration to the typical Food Guide Pyramid, catered specifically to diabetic individuals. Made by the American Diabetes Association and the American Dietetic Association, the Diabetes Food Pyramid groups separates foods into 6 groups. However, there are some tweaks that make it different than the Food Guide Pyramid most of us are used to.

Are Chickpeas Whole30?

Are Chickpeas Whole30® approved? While the majority of Whole30®'s rules and regulations have remained the same, a big change was announced earlier in 2021: some peas are now allowed.

But are chickpeas Whole30® approved now? Farm to Fit found out!

Is Protein Powder Good For You?

Protein powder is an extremely common sight at any gym or outdoor sports complex these days. Considering that proteins are some of the most basic and essential building blocks of life, it makes sense that humans require protein to function on a day-to-day basis.

But just what is that powder, and do we really need to be taking so much of it for muscle growth or weight loss? Is protein powder good for you? Farm to Fit set out to find out!

6 Healthy and Delicious Rice Alternatives

White rice may be delicious, but it's not the most nutritious. Since it is not a whole grain, white rice doesn't have the fiber, vitamins, and minerals of some alternatives. Brown rice, for example, has more antioxidants and more protein than its white and fluffy cousin. For weight loss and certain special diets like keto, white rice isn't the best bet, since it is relatively high in calories and carbohydrates. The good news is, there are a lot of enticing rice alternatives out there.