Six Tips to succeeding on the keto diet

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Using keto as your weight loss strategies? Then you  must know that the low carb, high fat diet offers many health benefits. In addition to helping you lose weight and improve health, the keto diet plan may also have benefits against serious illnesses such as diabetes, cancer, epilepsy and Alzheimer’s disease.

Find out how you can apply keto diet for weight loss with these 6 secret strategies to success :

1. Understand your goals

Keto weight loss requires a major lifestyle change, where your entire body undergoes a major metabolic transition. Instead of running on carbs and sugar, the goal is to fuel your body of fats that are broken down into ketones.

For this to happen, keto dieters must first go through a drastic cut of carbohydrates to allow the body to enter the ketosis phase. The ketosis phase may vary per individual, from a few days to a full week or more. But ultimately, the main goal of the keto diet plan is to remain in ketosis as long as possible.

Goal Setting

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2. Push through the challenges

Many of those who undergo the keto journey may feel certain side effects. As your body switches from burning glucose to fat for energy, there may be some symptoms commonly referred to as the keto flu or the carb flu.

The keto flu is a temporary side effect with symptoms that may vary, from achiness, headaches, nausea and constipation, likely due to the sudden change in diet. How long may it last? It typically takes around a week to subside, as long as you maintain to limit your carbs intake. Will it be uncomfortable? Yes, but you can remedy it by drinking more water, getting enough healthy fats and taking it easy into the transition.

Push through the challenges

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3. Follow the correct macro ratio

Macro ratio refers to the total macronutrient in a food, meal or diet such as protein, carbohydrates and fats. In the keto diet plan, the standard caloric breakdown is typically : 75% fats, 25% protein, 5% net carbs. Essentially, you want to focus more fat and protein in your keto diet plan, while keeping the carb count to not more than 20 grams per day.

4. Expect plateau but don’t give up

Plateaus are common for keto dieters or any type of diet in general. This is a phase where it seems like you’ve hit a stall or your weight loss is slowing down. Keto plateau can happen due to changes in metabolism, as well as your diet, or lifestyle.

The key to overcoming keto plateaus is to switch it up a knot, whether by tweaking your macro ratios to strictly keto, eliminate certain foods, or limiting eating out. However, remember to prioritize your health and well being by not stressing out or going over your capabilities.

Expect plateau but don’t give up

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5. Little things that count

A safe long term keto diet plan for weight loss success can also happen by paying attention to small healthy details, such as : seeing your doctor regularly, taking advantage of supplements to add more quality fats, getting enough sleep, and managing stress. You also will want to maintain a healthy lifestyle by exercising regularly for maximum results.


6. Meal prep for long term keto diet success

Let’s face it, a big part of keto weight loss success comes down to meal choices. Automate your meals just so that there’s no questions with your macro ratios, meal time and overall diet. Many keto dieters cook their own meals to ensure that they’re following the right keto composition, but selecting healthy meals providers can be the key to your long term keto diet success too. Our keto meal delivery service takes the guesswork out of managing your macros.

Meal prep for long term keto diet success

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