Spring Cleaning Hack: The Outbox

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After being indoors all winter long, we can all agree our spaces could use a little spring cleaning! But where do you begin?! It can feel a little overwhelming to tackle your whole space at once (no matter how big or small), so instead of overwhelming yourself and getting absolutely nothing done — we’ve all been there — let’s take it one step at a time. 

Spring Cleaning Hack

Let me introduce to you your new spring cleaning best friend: The Outbox. The outbox is a designated box, bag, or basket where you drop your unwanted items the moment you make the call they gotta go. You want your outbox to be sturdy enough to hold the stuff you don’t need (thanks neighbor for the useless white elephant gift.. not!), but travel-friendly enough that you can carry it around the house with you. Once you have found your perfect outbox, here are the steps you take to make sure those unwanted items go from inside your home to… literally anywhere else:

Step 1: Pick a room, any room, and place your handy-dandy outbox in that room. 

Step 2: Set 1 hour aside (actually set a timer) to go through that entire room and place unwanted possessions in the outbox. Once the timer goes off, walk away from that space! Maybe you go on to another room, or maybe you save that for another day.

Step 3: Donate, gift, or sell the items you accumulated from that space. Before throwing things away, check out this list of local places to sell or donate your unwanted items — because one man's trash is another man’s treasure!

Happy Cleaning!