Where To Buy Local Produce

We all know how much fun it is to stroll through the beautiful farmers market on a sunny weekend morning, but its so much more than that! Buying local produce has incredible benefits, not only to you personally but to your community as well. By purchasing local produce, you are helping...

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The Diabetic Food Pyramid

We wanted to shed a little light on the Diabetic Food Pyramid—an alteration to the typical Food Guide Pyramid, catered specifically to diabetic individuals. Made by the American Diabetes Association and the American Dietetic Association, the Diabetes Food Pyramid groups separates foods into 6 groups. However, there are some tweaks that make it different than the Food Guide Pyramid most of us are used to.

Are Chickpeas Whole30?

Are Chickpeas Whole30® approved? While the majority of Whole30®'s rules and regulations have remained the same, a big change was announced earlier in 2021: some peas are now allowed.

But are chickpeas Whole30® approved now? Farm to Fit found out!

Is Protein Powder Good For You?

Protein powder is an extremely common sight at any gym or outdoor sports complex these days. Considering that proteins are some of the most basic and essential building blocks of life, it makes sense that humans require protein to function on a day-to-day basis.

But just what is that powder, and do we really need to be taking so much of it for muscle growth or weight loss? Is protein powder good for you? Farm to Fit set out to find out!

6 Healthy and Delicious Rice Alternatives

White rice may be delicious, but it's not the most nutritious. Since it is not a whole grain, white rice doesn't have the fiber, vitamins, and minerals of some alternatives. Brown rice, for example, has more antioxidants and more protein than its white and fluffy cousin. For weight loss and certain special diets like keto, white rice isn't the best bet, since it is relatively high in calories and carbohydrates. The good news is, there are a lot of enticing rice alternatives out there.

6 Best Shoulder Workouts for Everyone

If your office chair slouch or couch potato pose has started to affect your shoulders, it may be time to supplement your workout routine with a few extra shoulder exercises. We've made it easy for you by collecting some right here in our guide to the 6 best shoulder workouts for everyone. 

10 Best Low-Calorie Alcoholic Drinks for Summer 2021

With the Summer solstice on its way (June 20th, which is also Father’s Day this year) we’re already starting to get back out there in the sun. If you end up parched after a long day of lounging, you might be looking for a low-calorie alcoholic option to slake that thirst. We’ve collected 10 of the best low-calorie alcoholic drinks for summer 2021 to help prep you for a party season like no other!

Do Intermittent Fasting and Whole30® Go Together?

When it comes to losing weight, improving your health, and dog grooming: we never recommend short cuts.

If you've just started a new diet or healthy eating program, you might be searching for other lifestyle changes to maximize your self-improvement. 

Can you practice Intermittent Fasting and the Whole30 at the same time?  Farm to Fit takes a look at two of our favorite programs to find out if they work together, why or why not, and how to determine what works for you.