June 4th and June 7th Deliveries

Sunday, June 4th


  • Migas Cilantro Pork

    with scrambled eggs, braised pork & corn tortilla

  • Majorcan Tortilla Peppers

    Majorcan Tortilla: red potatoes, summer squash, red bell pepper, caramelized onion

  • Sardou Omelet Gluten Intolerant Spicy Dairy

    wilted spinach & artichoke hearts in sherry wine-cream sauce; with asiago cheese

  • Signature Breakfast Sandwich Pork Gluten Intolerant Dairy Peppers

    with whole wheat English muffin, gouda cheese, roasted red bell pepper, Canadian bacon & basil

  • Signature Granola Nuts Dairy

    with Greek yogurt

  • Signature Primavera Scramble Dairy

    with roasted garden vegetables, breakfast potatoes & Asiago cheese

  • Traditional Breakfast Gluten Intolerant Pork

    This meal does not follow our speciality diets* but we want to offer it to you anyway! Two Eggs, Bacon, and an English Muffin, eat it on a plate or make it a sandwich! These SPECIAL meals are our small size portions and are served “as is”: allergens/special requests cannot be accommodated. (*Speciality diets include: Whole30, Keto, Diabetes Friendly, BOOST and Paleo diets)



Wednesday, June 7th




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