Plant Based

Plant Based

Our chefs spent months coming up with mouthwatering and inventive ready-to-eat meals that will make eating a plant-based diet delicious, healthy and easy.

We are not counting calories like our other plans; we are portioning for health and satisfaction. That said most of the meals fall between 400-600 Calories.

We are not omitting or replacing any ingredients on the Plant based plan, but you still are able to see a full list of ingredients on the “choose meals” section of your account page, so you can select the meals that fit your tastes and dietary restrictions.

We are using all of our Northwest bounty and culinary talent so you can use our Plant Based plan to sustain you eternally. The Plant Based Vegan Menu contains no animal products including dairy, eggs or honey. While our vegan menu is never cooked with animal products, our kitchen is not animal free.

How we make Delicious Food Healthy

The Inspiration Phase: Our Chef and Chef de Cuisine decide on meals that inspire them, are delicious, and will satisfy our client’s discerning tastes.

The Deliciousness Phase: The Chefs create the recipes, testing them for flavor.

The Nutritious Phase: Our Nutrition Analyst enters the ingredients into our industry leading nutritional software and establishes the ingredient portions for each different meal plan.

The Quality Phase: After each delivery, our entire team reheats and tastes each dish, as experienced by the client. Each cook and team member grades the recipe and suggests tweaks for flavor and consistency, our recipes are always evolving!

We change our menu seasonally, to keep up with what Mother Nature is providing us, so our recipe creation process is an ongoing endeavor to bring you delicious, healthy meals.

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