Why You Should Shop at Small Businesses This Year

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First came Black Friday, then Cyber Monday, and finally, in 2010, Small Business Saturday. Launched by American Express in an effort to stimulate the economy during the height of the Great Recession, Small Business Saturday always falls on the Saturday after Thanksgiving.

The origin of the holiday has Pacific Northwest ties, as it was the second year of the effort, 2011, that President Obama, plus mayors, governors, and senators from Washington State threw their support behind it, making the day official. The US Senate went on to pass a resolution in support of it that year. Small Business Saturday has gone on to achieve global reach: In 2013, the United Kingdom adopted their own version of the holiday.


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There's no denying that small businesses are the heartbeat of American business. They add character to neighborhoods, bring people together, and—perhaps most importantly—pay local taxes, directly supporting things like parks, schools, and emergency services. If you care about preserving the unique culture of the American business landscape, supporting Small Business Saturday is a great way to make a mark.

Plus, you'll be directly supporting workers, too—according to the U.S. Small Business Administration, small businesses employ more than 47 percent of the private workforce of the nation. It's official: supporting small businesses isn't just about the businesses themselves, it's about supporting the communities in which those businesses are based.

In addition to shopping small on Small Business Saturday, another way to support local businesses is to post on social media about them. A study conducted by American Express found that a majority of small business owners—78 percent to be exact—say positive feedback on social media is a significant driver of business. It turns out social media endorsements may be worth as much as $197 billion for the U.S. small business economy.

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