Where To Buy Local Produce

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We all know how much fun it is to stroll through the beautiful farmers market on a sunny weekend morning, but its so much more than that! Buying local produce has incredible benefits, not only to you personally but to your community as well.

By purchasing local produce, you are helping out your local economy! When we buy local, it stays local, and when it stays local, it supports local family farms. We also love that it helps reduce single use plastic and packaging! Purchasing locally eliminates the need for excessive transportation which minimizes your carbon footprint as well. Last but not least, when you buy local you buy fresh! Our favorite foods endure crazy long travel times and fluctuations in temperature, moisture and overall transportation environment. This can affect the quality and the overall flavor.  Whereas ingredients purchased directly from our local community will be the freshest option for you, and your family.

Check out these 3 places to buy your produce locally in PDX!


The Grower's Outlet

Grower’s Outlet was established in 1977 and for over 40 years. Ken Brendler and his family have strived to provide the finest produce from local farms.


Portland Farmer's Market

Portland Farmers Market operates world-class farmers markets that contribute to the success of local food growers and producers and create vibrant community gatherings. 


Talarico's Produce

Talarico's Produce is a unique outdoor Produce Market carrying local, seasonal produce, in addition to everyday staples year-round. 


The benefits of staying local, not only help our community – but it helps the planet! Be sure to tag @farmtofit and let us know what your favorite places are to buy your local produce.