What Condiments Can You Have on the Whole30™ Plan?

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Condiments can often make or break a meal experience, but what condiments can you have on the Whole30™ plan? 

We’ve talked about the Whole30™ plan and its benefits on our blog before, but the basics of the program boil down to removing all dairy, grains, soy, legumes, alcohol, added sugars, preservatives or additives, from your diet for thirty days.

If you’ve just started the Whole30™ plan or are considering giving it a shot, you might be worried that cutting out butter and caesar dressing might make your meals a little dull. Fear not, because there are actually a number of great Whole30™ compliant condiment options, and Farm to Fit has done the research for you! Here’s our quick list of six condiments you can have on the Whole30™ plan.

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Whole30™ Compliant Condiments:

1. Mustard:

Mustard always seems to make its way to the top of our condiment countdowns. This canary condiment brings a lot of flavor with just a few basic ingredients. Not every store-bought bottle of mustard will be Whole30™ compliant due to added sugar or dairy, so check those labels! 

2. Homemade mayo:

While most store-bought mayonnaise contains a ton of sneaky sugars, homemade mayo is quick, easy to make, and Whole30™ compliant. Did we mention delicious? Check out this easy recipe here from Whole30's™ website .

3. Hot sauce:

Here’s the other usual suspect of our condiment collections, the mobile flavor-saver hot sauce. Almost all will be Whole30™ safe by nature, though watch out for thicker hot sauces like sriracha that may have added sugars.

4. Coconut aminos:

Soy is out altogether on Whole30™, so what do you do about soy sauce? We opt for coconut aminos, a superb semisweet umami seasoning sauce. Made from coconut blossom nectar, these are a must for every Whole30™ warrior’s pantry.

5. Vinegar:

Whole30™ means ditching those creamy salad dressings we love so much, both on our salads and our fries. Vinegar’s tangy bite can be the perfect substitute for anything from caesar to tartar sauce. Plus, since healthy oil is so central to Whole30™, oil and vinegar make for a great go-to salad dressing.

6. Homemade ketchup:

Sugar-free ketchup can be tough to find, and while some might say it’s better to do without, we know how vital ketchup can be. If you want delicious, Whole30™ compliant ketchup, your best option is going to be making it at home. Just like the homemade mayo above, this ketchup recipe is simple, quick, and makes enough sauce to store away!

Whole30 condiments, Farm to Fit style

Final Thoughts:

Don’t let your Whole30™ journey get held up by sneaky additives or hidden sugars. Read those labels, consider making your own from home, and fix up your dishes with these Whole30™ plan-compliant condiments.


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