We feel you! Inflation stinks…

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Instead of waiting for prices to come down (and trust us, we’re waiting!), we have decided to take action and find a way to ease some of our collective pain. Starting on Sunday 11/27 we are rolling out our new Inflation Specials – meals that we can offer at a lesser price to help us not only fill your bellies but your wallets as well!

To start, there will be one “Inflation Special” Breakfast for $7, one “Inflation Special” Lunch for $9, and one “Inflation Special” Dinner for $12 available per delivery. They are available for all our clients! (excluding the Plant Based plan)

Now the rub (there is always a rub). The portion sizes of these meals are our 1200 calorie small size portions (but still promise to be filling) and cannot be modified in any way for allergens or specialty diets.

You can order as many or few of those meals as you want. To find them on the menu just keep your eyes peeled for the “Inflation Special” meals, each will have a Blue-Ribbon in the picture!

We see these meals as an opportunity to fulfill our commitment to you, our loyal community, in providing the most delicious and healthy meals possible while remembering that we are part of something greater. As a local business who has called Portland home for over a decade, we know that above all else we are all in this together and that is a promise we make to you every time we make a delivery.

From our new local, family-owned and operated recycling partner to every sustainable farm we rely on, we have never lost sight of what makes our home special: you, our clients, neighbors and friends.

Please reach out to us at info@farmtofit.com with any questions regarding the new menu!