15 Simple Vegan Condiments and Snacks

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Whether you’re a dues-paid vegan or just trying to eat fewer animal products, sticking to a plant-based diet can be a challenge, especially with all those tasty non-vegan condiments and snacks floating around out there.

Luckily, plants are so delicious that many of your favorite flavors and cravings are plant-based and healthy without even trying! Here’s our list of 15 easy vegan snacks and condiments.

Vegan condiments, Farm to Fit style

Vegan Condiments:

Hummus — 
Nut Butter —
Mustard —
Ketchup —
Guacamole —
Soy sauce —
Hoisin Sauce —

Vegan snacks, the Farm to Fit way


Bread —
Oreos —
Chips —
Trail Mix —
Popcorn and nutritional yeast—
Granola —
Fruit leather —
Seaweed Crisps —


Whatever your reason for going vegan or reducing your consumption of animal products, vegan snacks and condiments are an awesome way to indulge your cravings. These vegan goodies can satisfy your between-meal munchies and flavor fixations while still eating ethically.

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