Top Smoothie Ingredients for Longevity

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Smoothies can be an easy and delicious snack to add to your routine. If the smoothie will also keep us looking and feeling young — even better! Now we might not have found the Fountain of Youth, but these ingredients will have a major impact on your health, more specifically, longevity and vitality. 

  1. Blueberries: An all-around powerhouse berry, blueberries are delicious and high in fiber.

  2. Greek Yogurt: If you are reaching for a smoothie as a meal replacement, you need to make sure you are packing it with sufficient protein. Greek yogurt is a wonderful source of protein while still providing calcium, essential nutrients, and probiotics.

  3. Beans: I know it sounds weird to add beans to your smoothie, but don’t knock it until you try it! We recommend mixing white beans with vanilla bean for a vanilla-flavored smoothie, or black beans with pure cocoa powder for a chocolate-flavored smoothie. 

  4. Bee pollen: Bee pollen serves as an antioxidant to promote cellular health, and it is also thought to boost the immune system, relieve inflammation, and boost liver health.

  5. Spinach: Spinach is extremely nutrient-dense and can help boost longevity.