The 7 Best Sugar-Free Mocktails for Spring

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Spring is finally on its way and we’re ready for some sun, shade, and seasonal ingredients! With outdoor gatherings getting easier again, there’s no better time to break out the glassware for a garden party starring one of our favorite spring traditions — mocktails! 

Whether you’re cutting out booze for a diet, for your health, or for a change of pace, sugar-free mocktails are a great alternative. Tangy, refreshing, and guilt-free, we think healthy mocktails are the best way to fill up on flavor. 

Sugar-free mocktail recipes, Farm to Fit style

Here’s our list of the 7 best sugar-free mocktail recipes to rock your spring sipping!

1. Grapefruit Ginger

 Starting out, we picked a super-simple three-ingredient mocktail that's certain to perk up those taste-buds! The sharp flavors of grapefruit and ginger mingle perfectly with underlying spice and bitter notes.

Recipe Here by Flavour and Savour

2. Apple Margarita

Sweet. Tart. Refreshing. While apple cider might be more of a fall favorite, we guarantee you'll be tasting spring in these cinnamon and lime laced mock-margs. 

Recipe Here by Allianna's Kitchen→

3. Hibiscus Sangria

Want to make the perfect day even more perfect? Drink this hibiscus sangria in the park instead of the sugar and booze heavy traditional drink. Tangy and naturally hydrating. 

Recipe Here by DJ Blatner, RDN→

4. Vegan Cherry Lime

This fresh and fulfilling hot-weather drink is perfect for sitting and sipping on the porch. With only five ingredients, you can be pouring pitchers of this refreshing mocktail in no time flat!

Recipe Here by A Stepfull of You→

5. Watermelon Mint Mocktail

We love mocktails with big flavor pairings, especially unexpected ones. This sugar-free mocktail makes melon and mint work wonders! Just make sure you strain it properly. 

Recipe Here by Keeping the Peas→

6. Dragonfruit Mojito

Sugar-free mojito mocktails are all the rage right now, but we picked a recipe going a couple steps above. The semisweet dragonfruit brings a unique, mellow flavor to the bright mint and lime.

Recipe Here by Simply Low Cal→

7. Blood Orange

Blood orange isn't just a great source of vitamin C, it's also packed with a particular kind of tart and citrus flavor that just can't be matched. Add a hint of vanilla and honey for sweetness, and you've got yourself a mocktail for the ages.

Recipe Here by Marissa Moore →

Sugar-free mocktails, Farm to Fit style

Before you get mixing:

Don't forget to make these drinks your own! Try adding fruits or flavors you already enjoy, play around with portions, or substituting sweeteners. Picking the proper glassware and garnish is half the fun when making mocktails, so get creative! 


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