Nourishing Workdays: Nominate Your Office for a Farm to Fit Lunch

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We're excited to share a delightful opportunity simmering in the Farm to Fit kitchen. 

Our team has always been passionate about nourishing communities, and this time, we're bringing the warmth of our kitchen straight to your workplace with our "Nominate Your Office" initiative. 

What's cooking, you ask? 

We've launched an Office Lunch Program. We believe that the secret ingredient to a thriving workplace is well-fed and happy employees, and what better way to achieve this than through healthy and tasty meals?


Why are we doing this? 

At Farm to Fit, we're more than just a meal delivery service. We're advocates for wellness and believers in the power of a good meal to turn an ordinary day into an extraordinary one. Plus, we love to feed people — it's what we do!

How it Works

We'll randomly select four offices throughout January 2024 and work with your Office Manager to coordinate the best days and times. 

The deadline for nominations is January 15th. All you need to do is email us at with:

  • Your Company Name
  • Contact info for the best person for coordination 
  • Estimate of the number people in your office

Let's make lunchtime the highlight of your office's day!

We can't wait to serve you and your co-workers. Together, let's make wellness and good eating a part of our daily work life. Stay tuned for more updates, and let's make this initiative a resounding success — one office at a time.