Importance of Decreasing Food Waste

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Have you ever thought about why reducing food waste is so important? I mean, food is biodegradable, so why is it such a big deal for us to focus on food waste anyway? But there are tons of reasons to focus on food! When we waste food, we waste everything that comes along with it. Energy, the water it takes to grow, harvesting the food, transporting and even packaging costs. Trust us, it adds up! But here at Farm to Fit, our goal last year was to decrease our food waste by 50%, and luckily, we were triumphant!

We exceeded our goal and reduced our food waste by 60% by focusing on fine tuning our menu and donating our unused food to amazing places like The Transition Project, Alder Commons Community Center, and Rose City Haven.

Have you ever thought about what you could do to reduce your personal food waste right from your own home? There are tons of easy things to be done! Like keeping track of what’s in your pantry so you’re not overbuying food and letting anything go bad. Composting is always a great option as well! Composting can also reduce and (in some cases) eliminate the need for a chemical fertilizer. By banding together as a community and putting a larger emphasis on reducing food waste, we can all take steps to help reduce our emissions and keep our planet beautiful!