How to Store Garlic to Last Longer

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There are plenty of staples any good kitchen has on hand at all times. Garlic, in my opinion, is at the top of that list! Buying garlic in bulk seems like a great idea to ensure your kitchen never runs out, but keeping on the theme of decreasing food waste, buying in bulk might not be the best idea. 

Here are a few ways to properly store your garlic to make sure it lasts the longest and remains full of flavor:

  • Buying full bulbs of garlic (instead of individual cloves) will expand the life of your garlic by a matter of weeks. Once you have chopped the garlic, try to use it within 24 hours.
  • Keep your garlic away from the heat! Consider relocating your garlic to a pantry or well-ventilated drawer — somewhere dry and as close to 65*F as possible.
  • While cutting or peeling the garlic undoubtedly shortens its lifespan, there are a few ways to keep it fresh once chopped. Once you have started mincing the garlic, store it in olive oil to maintain the garlic’s moisture and taste. Plus, you now have delicious garlic-infused olive oil to use for cooking… yum! 
  • Freeze garlic in any form (whole cloves, minced, paste, etc.) for several months at a time. Before placing your garlic in the freezer, make sure the peel and remove any green sprouts first.