How to Stay Motivated for Working Out in Winter

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Winter Running

There's no getting around it: winter is dark, cold, and, here in the Pacific Northwest, rainy to boot. All of these elements combined can make working out seem like just too much to get motivated for. But where there's a will, there's a way. We pulled some advice from experts on how you can keep the workout train going this winter, whether or not your mind is telling you that you want to.

  • Invest in stylish workout gear. When you know you look good, working out gets easier. Kimberly Corp, owner of New York City's Pilates on Fifth, recommends (via Aaptiv) investing in "warm, but light layers of workout wear that make you feel and look great without weighing you down. Starting out nice and toasty will help warm your muscles up for exercise, and you can always shed if you get too warm."
  • Find a buddy. Working out with a friend means you can rely on each other for motivation, rather than being left to your own devices. London-based Psycle and Equinox trainer Tameka Small told *Bazaar* that pairing up with a friend for workouts "will help change your perspective of working out to something a little more enjoyable and sociable."
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  • Set a fun morning alarm. If your aim is to work out in the morning, then setting your alarm to a song that pumps you up is one way to help ensure you don't hit snooze and stay in bed, suggests Jack Raglin, an exercise psychologist and professor at Indiana University School of Public Health-Bloomington. An upbeat song will also likely get your heart beating faster, so you can get a jump on the workout.
  • Set a springtime goal. Whether it's a beach vacation you want to look your best for, or a 5k you want to complete, setting a goal for something that will take place in the springtime can keep you on track for meeting your fitness goals in the winter, according to Dr. Braulio Flores, an internal medicine specialist with the NewYork-Presbyterian Medical Group.
  • Reward yourself. UK-based *Stylist* magazine recommends promising yourself a treat for hitting your workout goals. They stress making sure it's not something you would give yourself normally, instead, opt for something like a new, fancy journal or a massage.
  • Warm up at home. If you find yourself dreading heading out for that run, or even making the trip to the gym in the cold, gray weather, go for some jumping jacks and push-ups at home before setting out. "Not only will it get your heart rate going and your blood circulating, it will make it very difficult to slide back into bed," writes ACTIVE Magazine.

That's it. We hope these tips will aid you in your efforts to stay motivated this winter. Oh, and one final thought: Never underestimate the power of pairing your workouts with delicious, healthy meals from Farm to Fit!

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