How to sneak those veggies into fun meals... Without anyone knowing!

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We all know our families are picky in different ways, and everyone has different dietary restrictions and preferences. But I think we can all agree – we always need more veggies! But what’s the best way to think outside the box to sneak those veggies in, without anyone knowing? Check out these three ways to add veg into our favorite meals:

Turn Veggies into Fun
  • Who says we can’t sneak those veggies straight into the desert? Things like Chocolate zucchini brownies or even a fresh healthy carrot cake are great options! Who’s going to say no to a delicious desert anyway?


  • Did someone say, “Veggies for breakfast?” Because we did! Often times our classic vegetables like broccoli, or cauliflower are served as a side dish, but they can be mixed straight into our favorite meals. Obviously, we all love veggies in our omelets, or spinach in a scramble, but have you thought about sneaking veggies into pancakes? Because you can! Try adding in a few cups of your favorite shredded vegetables (my favorite is carrots and broccoli) and your kiddos may never even know.


  • Replace those pasta noodles with a veggie! Enjoy everything from Zoodles, Coodles and Squoodles (zucchini, carrot and squash) and it will be just as delicious. Load it up with your favorite pasta sauce and a splash of ground turkey or meatless protein, and you’ve got yourself a delicious veggie packed meal!

Do you have a sneak way to get those veggies into all your family’s favorite meals? Don’t forget to tag us in all your kitchen adventures!