How Much Farm to Fit Should I Order?

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We see it time and time again — a new, eager customer comes along, orders way too much food for themselves, and then becomes overwhelmed when they can’t eat it all. We know finding the perfect amount of food to fill your belly - but not get overwhelmed with too much food - is an art to be perfected. Over-ordering can be just as bad as under-ordering (trust us!)

To make sure you receive just the right amount of food in your reusable bag each week, we’ve created the Ordering Chart based off of two things: your goals/why you are ordering Farm to Fit, and how many people you are feeding. 

Farm to fit ordering Chart

A few other things you can take into consideration:

  • How often do you like to go out to restaurants?
    • If it’s once a week, remove a meal!
  • Do you have travel plans coming up?
    • It’s always a good idea to have food prepared for your travel day to eat right before leaving or even at the airport (airport food is so pricey), but don’t order too much and let it go bad in the fridge while you are gone.
    • Reminder: most meals can be placed in the freezer to eat later!