Farm to Fit Recycling Program

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Here at Farm to Fit we know there is a never-ending list of important environmental issues, but there is one that’s very near and dear to our hearts. Recycling! Did you know we have a recycling program specifically for our Farm to Fit meal containers?

We truly care about our planet and how we leave it for our next generation. What better way to show we care, than implementing a recycling program for our customers! It’s super easy, here’s how it works:

1. Clean Your Containers

Well actually order delicious meals & eat them first 😉, but then make sure the containers are squeaky clean! Otherwise the driver wont be able to take them.

2. Leave Containers For Pick-Up

Once the containers are spotless, leave them in the empty cooler bag along with ice packs to be exchanged on your next delivery day.

3. Recycle!

We then collect all containers and take them to Denton Plastics - local & family owned recycling center! We recycled over 2000 lbs of plastic with them earlier this year! ♻️ And are so excited to watch that number grow!


Click here to learn more about our mission to remove as much plastic waste from nature as we use & our success becoming Plastic Neutral!