Debunking Paleo Myths

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As we dive into the world of New Years Resolutions and Fad diets, it's so important to remember that the priority should be focused on your personal health.While some diets work for some people, they dont always work for everyone. There’s a lot of misinformation, and sometimes its quite difficult to separate the false information from the truth. So, today we're debunking a few paleo diet myths just for you!

Paleo is all about protein.

Don’t worry about this one, Paleo does encourage a high vegetable focus, but the basic idea is to avoid processed foods and focus on whole foods.

I won’t be getting enough calcium if I give up dairy.

Incorrect. There are tons of other foods that have very high levels of calcium that fit right into the traditional Paleo food pyramid. (Fish, Nuts, Greens... The list goes on!)

All I will be able to eat is eggs every day.

This is the most misinformed myth of all. Research has shown that eating 3 or more eggs per day can even help improve your cholesterol!

While some of these crazy diets and eating regimens maybe seem enticing, the best thing is going to be building long term, healthy habits. The Paleo diet is a great example of this because it really focuses on healthy eating and what we put into our bodies daily, rather than restricting ourselves of nutrients.

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