Beans, Beans: The Magical Fruit

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Beans beans the magical fruit - the more you eat, the more you… Well you get the idea. But where does the rhyme come from? Here are a few fun facts about adding beans to your diet, and why they are good for you!

  1. Protein
    Beans are high in amino acids, which are a key component of protein.

  2. A healthy heart
    Replacing your red meats with beans in things like lasagna or chili, it can help lower your cholesterol level, and add extra fiber to your diet.

  3. Diabetes Management
    Beans are a great superfood for anyone living with diabetes! Many beans are complex carbs, so they provide a steady stream of glucose, instead of a “surge” that can occur after eating simple carbs like fruit.

Like all good things, there’s always risk! Beans come with health warnings just like anything else. Obviously (like the rhyme says) beans can cause flatulence, as your body breaks down sugars in food, gas can build up. 

Too much of anything is never good! But if you can make the healthy swap to beans once per week, you will feel the difference!

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