4 of Our Favorite Seasoning Tips

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When it comes to achieving our health goals, a huge part of our success comes straight from diet. But why should that mean our food needs to be bland and boring? News flash – It doesn’t! Here are a few of our favorite seasoning secrets:

Green Wheat

1. Herbs: Adding healthy herbs like sage, thyme or oregano early on in the cooking steps. This will help release the maximum flavors to elevate your dish.

2. Acidity: By adding lemon juice or a splash of vinegar along with salt, it will help bolden the flavor of any soup or sauce.

3. Aromatic flavor: Looking for a little flavor boost? Adding aromatics like garlic or onions can add the same lever of flavor as commonly used herbs like thyme or rosemary.

4. Italian Seasoning: Last but not least, we know by the end of the day you’re go-go-go, but how can you spice up your family dinner in 60 seconds or less? By finding your favorite Italian spice blend! It’s the perfect ready-made flavor mixture to elevate any fall dish, from your everyday chicken to homemade garlic bread.

What’s your favorite way to flavor up your food?