We really hope by now you’re not getting tired of hearing us vocalize how much we adore our customers, because we are far from tired of saying it. If we haven’t got the most loyal and appreciative customers in Portland, we’re not sure who does. But we do. Just sayin’.

This week, one of our superstars made sure we knew how much she adores us as well. (And we can’t thank her enough.) In an email to her own personal contacts, she shared an honest review of our relationship:

Pork chop meal

“Of course my favorite subject with these Best Bets is food related. My tip of the month – Farm to Fit (www.Farmtofit.com ). You always hear about my new favorite places to eat, well at this point it has become our own dining room table thanks to Farm to Fit. When I first read about them on a blog they were referred to as the delicious, local alternative to Jenny Craig. What do I love? Incredible meals delivered to our front door twice a week (we’re on the 5 day plan so 3 meals arrive on Tuesday afternoon and 2 more on Friday). I was telling my niece Sarah about the scrumptious meals one night while the two of us were dining at one of NW 23rd’s finest restaurants. Sarah asked what the meals were like – my response was that they are just like the nummy dinner we’re eating tonight.”

If you want the dining out experience without the dining out, place an order online.