There is one this we can guarantee this time of year – there is candy EVERYWHERE Our weakness?  Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, Candy Corn, and Snickers (frozen, of course). 

There is nothing that says you have to say no to sweets completely.   We here at Farm to Fit fully endorse indulging — in moderation, of course.   We celebrate this holiday as a perfect opportunity to exercise portion control –even with our sweets!

Here are some quick tips we use to help us enjoy this ghoulish holiday without packing on the LBs

QUICK TIP #1: Toss the candy bowl
Candy bowl on your desk or coffee table?  Those with candy within reach are more likely to mindlessly munch.  Put it in a drawer…or better yet, somewhere outside of arm’s reach where you have to walk to get it!    

QUICK TIP #2: Work out on Halloween morning
Lifting weights reduces levels of blood sugar by 15 percent for more than 12 hours after you’ve left the gym, according to research from Syracuse University. Why does that matter? Some of the sugar you consume will stay in your blood stream, providing energy to your cells, instead of pitching a tent in your belly.

QUICK TIP #3: Switch to dark chocolate
Okay, okay, this doesn’t count on Halloween.  But if given the choice between Hershey’s Milk and Hershey’s Special Dark, choose the dark… It won’t necessarily save you calories, but dark chocolate boasts health benefits that milk chocolate just live up to. 
QUICK TIP #4: Don’t hand out your favorite candy
Hard to say no while you’re in the candy aisle but you’ll be thankful later when you don’t have a bowl full of Butterfingers to resist!
QUICK TIP #5: Set a candy-calorie load and stick to it
The fewer calories you take in during candy season, the easier it will be during the rest of the holiday season. Set a caloric limit and hold yourself to it. We like 300 or 400 calories—indulgent yet not destructive.  
QUICK TIP #6: Don’t skip dinner
A healthy, balanced dinner will take the edge off your candy craving.  So microwave that Farm to Fit meal before hitting the streets with the tikes!

QUICK TIP #7: Take it outside
Set your leftover candy on your porch before you go to bed. The leftover candy will be gone by morning and guaranteed not to haunt you for weeks on end!