Lego Man Exercising - Tips for Exercising

We all know that calorie consumption is only part of the equation when it comes to healthy living.  The other major player is that dreaded word…EXERCISE…

Exercise:  Endless laps around a boring race track.  The drone of the treadmill machine.  The preconceived judgments of bulked out guys in the weight room.  With those visuals in mind it’s easy to understand how a trip to the gym just somehow didn’t fit into the day.  However, with the right attitude and approach, making regular exercise part of your lifestyle, permanently, will have direct positive effects in all areas of your life.  (Not that everyone over 12 years old doesn’t know this already..!)

Your doctor may tell you that an average adult must participate in at least 200 minutes per week in order to maintain weight and overall health.  This breaks down to about thirty minutes per day, five days per week.  When you think about it – thirty minutes is nothing.  Most of us spend thirty minutes a day checking our Facebook accounts or watching a sports game or sitcom (which, to be fair, has it’s own health benefits:).  The point is, it’s easy to find those thirty minutes in a day to lace up and get your blood pumping.  Not only will working out help you keep your weight at a manageable level – it is preventative health care!  “One of the key health benefits of exercise is that it helps normalize your glucose, insulin, and leptin levels by optimizing insulin and leptin receptor sensitivity. This is perhaps the most important factor for optimizing your overall health and preventing chronic disease, and may explain why exercise is such a potent preventive medicine” – Dr. Mercola

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Tips to get you started!

We will be returning to the topic of exercise in the coming months.  For now, consider these suggestions to get you PUMPED  about getting fit!

1.  Use an Exercise Buddy – rally your BFF or next door neighbor and make it a team effort!  Join a class, sign up for a charity race, etc!

2. Schedule your workouts – Routine is key when establishing and maintaining a lifestyle change.  Dedicating  thirty minutes per day ahead of time will make it easier to follow through.

3. Don’t do too much, too fast – Build up slowly.  If you are a beginner, try two 10 minute blocks per day of walking, jogging, swimming, biking, jump roping, etc.  Allow yourself to build up to larger goals.

4.  Change it up – Don’t get stuck behind a treadmill, it may bore you to death!  Try out other forms of exercise like Tai Chi, yoga, swimming, jump roping, dance, rock climbing – heck- go down to the Lloyd center and rent a pair of ice skates!  Keep it fun:)

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5. Watch your calorie intake – After all that burning, it’s  only natural to want to DEVOUR.  Anything.  Set aside pre-made meals/snacks (or order one of our calorie specific, delicious lunches : ) and remember that an average workout burns about 300 calories –  the amount in 3/4 of a Starbuck’s blueberry muffin !


Get out there and feel Awesome!