Let’s face it, the commitment to healthy eating can be daunting. It always seems like such an extended process compared to grabbing a fast and/or frozen snack. That’s really part of the genius behind Farm to Fit- We take the hard work out of healthy eating so you can enjoy the good stuff at the literal push of a microwave button (or two).

OR Seasonal Veggies

Image via Oregon Fresh

However, if we’re to be perfectly honest, we probably make it look easy. (Just to be clear, it’s not really all that easy for us either.) But we do have a few tricks up our sleeves that are undeniably helpful. It may very well be that the most significant of those is knowing what is available when. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: fresh produce = fresh food. If you learn to keep an eye on which seasons yield your favorite fruits and veggies, you’ll have an easier time planning healthy meals that are much more accessible.

Click on the seasonality charts from oregonfresh.net to get a better view of Oregon’s produce by month. Better yet, print ‘em out and tape ‘em to the fridge. Study them for your own health, as well as for the pop quiz 😉

OR Seasonal Fruit

Image via Oregon Fresh