We brag all the time about our loyal customers. Seriously, all the time. Usually we like to do so with good reason, and this time is no exception. Wendy B, who’s also a regular writer for the Examiner, has been a dedicated Farm to Fitter practically since we launched. And frankly, we can’t say who has been the real winner here, her or us!

Farm to Fit Meals

Image via the Examiner

In her most recent write-up about our amicable relationship, she explains,

“I signed up for the 5-days a week, 1200-calories per day plan in January. I have lost 27 pounds while thoroughly enjoying the cuisine. This is a diet plan I can stay on until I am at my ideal weight.”

On that note, we have only three more things to say. The first is that we are so proud of you, Wendy! We may have provided the food, but you provided the dedication and that’s the part that doesn’t come neatly packaged to your doorstep. The second is that we appreciate you! Your loyalty, support and success is exactly what we hoped for when we envisioned Farm to Fit. And lastly, we recommend reading the rest of Wendy’s article for other tips to success, a collage of the meals and additional information about Farm to Fit.

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