Fit for Summer

Image via 110Pounds

We know it doesn’t seem like it around here, but summer is just around the corner. If you’ve any resemblance to a normal person, your New Year’s resolutions are long gone and you’re considering devising a new game plan in hopes that the clouds will eventually part. Trust us when we say that they will. And that when they do, you’ll want to be ready. You’ll wish you’d stuck it out on that treadmill for just one more minute… or that you’d given into only every other craving.

We get it. We remember the holidays, the fruitcake. We expect that this weekend will be one chocolate bunny after another. But we’ve got to put our foot down somewhere; If we ever want our legs to see the sun, this is where. The good news is that small changes make big differences and almost 80% of fitness is dependent on diet. We’ve taken a time out and come up with a handful of tips and tricks to get your summer shape in gear. Hot, fresh, healthy gear.

One of the easiest ways to lighten up is to make simple substitutions to your meals. Salads are an easy way to avoid the hot stove, but dressing can detract from the health value. Opt for a light lemon and oil vinaigrette in lieu of creamy ranch. Instead of ice cream, whip up a smoothie. It will be equally refreshing, and provide the nutrients your body needs in the Spring and Summertime sun. Berries are great for helping your body retain and process water, while potassium-rich

Summer produce

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bananas replenish the electrolytes your body needs to keep up with the extended hours of daylight.

Vitamins aren’t the only you thing you should make sure you get enough of. Protein is an important part of your diet throughout any season. Keep in mind that there are plenty of sources for protein other than meat. It’s a great time to fire up that ol’ BBQ and throw some veggies on the flame. With all of the crops that yield during the summer season, your options for fresh produce are abundant. Take advantage of the month of glorious weather and stroll through neighborhood farmers markets and local farms.

And if all else fails, just place an order with Farm to Fit and let us take care of your dietary needs 😉