Party Platter

Image courtesy of Too Much on Her Plate

As if maintaining a healthy weight is not challenge enough, the holidays provide relentless excuses for overindulging. Party platters and stocking candies are plentiful, and idle hands are the devil’s playground. Although we have experienced weight struggles of our own, we have come to a few realizations to make this season a little less malicious.

We’ve found that the key to maintaining a healthy eating mentality lies almost solely in moderation. Sometimes restricting yourself from something entirely only makes you want it that much more, and if you’re anything like us, you’ll end up bingeing when no one is looking! Gorging is the number one way to single-handedly ruin your diet.
Therefore, the best way to rid yourself of temptation is to yield to it. In moderation, of course. Offer to split a cookie with someone. In the holiday spirit, sharing is caring, right? That way you can satisfy your craving without depriving yourself of holiday delicacies or feeling guilty about it later.Make your resolutions reasonable and attainable goals you can build on. We’ll be right there with you!
Happy New Year!
Dre & G.