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Oh yes, it’s beginning to feel like spring around here: longer days, blossoming trees, warmer weather…We are loving it!

With a change in season comes a change in menu. We believe in serving fresh, local ingredients as much as possible. And we believe it’s easier to stick to healthy eating habits if you don’t get bored with your food. That’s why we switch it up every season! Our spring dishes feature the best of the season: braised beef served with spring forage, our spring spelt salad, a spring greens frittata, and so much more.

Order by April 3rd to get fresh spring meals delivered to your doorstep on April 7th!



Why We Love Asparagus



Nothing says spring quite like fresh, crisp asparagus! These beautiful green stalks are coming into their prime over the next few weeks, and boy, are they tasty this time of year.

A good source of vitamin K, antioxidants, and thiamine, we use this delicious, nutritious veggie in so many of our spring dishes, like our asparagus and fennel frittata and our chicken, asparagus & pine nut salad. What’s not to love??