We hate to admit it to the world, but Oregon is a gem when it comes to Fall. The colors, the air and the football, what’s not to love! To add to that list we have to admit that local seasonal produce is also in abundance. We thought we would share a few of our favorites:

Going Green

Green is known for its powerful punch of nutrients, try picking up an artichoke, basil, arugula, brussel sprouts, celery or cucumbers. All are in season in Oregon and packed with deliciousness.

Heating Things Up

While the weather is cooling down, Oregonians are ready to don their sweaters and boots. Warm yourself from the inside by making some flavorful soups and sides with seasonal chiles, squash, pumpkins and corn.

Flavorful Fruit

Just because we associate summer with fresh fruit doesn’t mean we don’t want a sweet snack in Fall also. Find fruits that are in season to make sure you can savor the flavor. Some of our Oregon favorites are melons, grapes, and, even though it is in the melon category, cantaloupes.

What fruits and vegetables do you prefer in Fall?