Howdy Farm to Fit followers!

This is G. Scott (one of the co-founders of Farm to Fit) coming to you so I can be held publicly accountable for the next three months.  You see, in three months I turn (gulp) Forty!!

Therefore I am going put my mouth where my money is and eat Farm to Fit and prove to myself and the world that it works.  My goal is to lose 25 pounds. That is about 2 pounds a week.  Dre and I created this business for this very reason and now I am going to use it.

These past months of tasting all the food and working crazy hours, I have become nice and plump (just in time to be carved for Thanksgiving dinner.)

As I look Forty in the mirror, I know I have no more excuses (even though the holidays are a good one!) So my plan is to eat the 1600 calories meals, 7 days a week, do at least 5 days of cardio, and minimize my alcohol intake.  

Let’s be honest! I know for me to survive I will have one cheat meal a week.

I’ll weigh in once a week, measure my arms, chest, hips, and thighs and Ill keep you posted how it goes.

So peeps, I’ll check in soon to tell you how my “Farm to Fit till I am Forty” is going.

G. Scott Brown