Can you lose 20 pounds in 12 weeks? This woman did!


Portland 3 Month Weight Loss Journey {Week 7}

Hello there! Please excuse my LONG absence…I went on two big trips (Chicago and Mexico) as well as Christmas-related trips all over Oregon.

I’m realizing that setting myself up for “3 months of weight loss” during the holidays was…optimistic. Between holiday food and travel, it was a mighty feat to keep my busy head above water (let alone focus on weight loss).

Starting FRESH in January!

I must admit that I was excited to get back from Mexico last Thursday, get my Farm to Fit delivery and relax back into “normal” life. Normal = healthy meals, regular exercise and less travel. My body is CLEARLY happy with me resuming my routine as I lost another 2lbs this week!

I weighted myself when I returned from Mexico and I hadn’t gained or lost any weight (yay! limiting myself to 1 margarita the entire trip paid off!) But it feels good to be back on the weight loss train and I’m not realizing that I’m just about 1/3 of the way to my original goal of losing 20lbs!

Goal for this week:

This week I’m shooting to drop 1 more pound and go to the gym 4 times this week (2 down, 2 to go). Oh, I also haven’t had a drink since 12/31…so I’d like to continue that trend this week as it seems to be really helping me out along with all this healthy eating!

Do you have any New Year’s goals or even weekly goals you want to share? If so, shout them out in the comments section below!

Farm to Fit Plan: 7 days at 1200 calories

Weight Lost: 6 pounds

Weight to lose to reach goal: 14 pounds

Weeks Left to Reach Goal: 6

XO, Anna