Can you lose 20 pounds in 12 weeks? This woman did!


Portland  3 Month Weight Loss Journey {Week 6}

Hello there weight loss journey readers! Is anyone else happy that it wasn’t a holiday this week? Fewer holidays = less obligatory eating, boredom eating, stress eating…and all those other things that usually make us eat more!

This week I was able to kick back, heat up my delicious meals, and focus on life. My hand wanted to type “focus on food”, but honestly, since I’ve been eating Farm to Fit, my focus hasn’t been on food (Thank you farm to fit!!!!)

My days and time are a little freed up. I don’t have much of a reason to go to the grocery store (my hubby is left to his own devices in the food department right now), I haven’t had to plan out recipes and I’m not doing a bunch of cleaning and cooking. So, I’m a happy camper! Oh and in case you are wondering…I lost 1 more pound this week!


  • Anyone else wondering what happened to “daylight”?? Less light has left me with a little less motivation to get my buns to the gym (or maybe that’s just my excuse).


  • One pound down this week!
  • I put my jeggings on!! If you don’t know my “jeggings” back story, check out my week 1 blog post. I’m not quite sliding into them, like I’d like, but I think in a few weeks, I’ll be back in 😉
  • I have a wedding to go to in Chicago this coming weekend and I’m not afraid of getting a picture taken of myself (if you’ve struggled with weight, you know what I’m talking about)

Do you have a struggle or triumph to share? I’d LOVE to hear about it! I’ll be back next week after taking a 4 day break from Farm to Fit whilst traveling to Chicago. Wish me luck!!

Farm to Fit Plan: 7 days at 1200 calories

Weight Lost: 4 pounds

Weight to lose to reach goal: 16 pounds

Weeks Left to Reach Goal: 7

XO, Anna