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Portland 3 Month Weight Loss Journey {Week 2}

Holy moly, what a week!

I’m just starting off week 2 of my 12 week weight loss journey and I’m jumping for joy that it’s Monday! Monday means more Farm to Fit food and less of me obsessing about whether or not I’m eating the right types of food in the right proportions.

My new Farm to Fit (1600 calorie) meal plan kicked off on Tuesday with a bang. I ate a delicious scramble that (I kid you not) kept me full until 2pm. I ate a late lunch (I think it was tasty cod cakes that day) and I felt amazing. I even went to the gym and suffered through a 30 minute TRX Blast class and 30 minutes of walking on the treadmill without any hunger pangs.

I had figured since I would be eating fewer calories, that I would be eating less…and that I would be starving. But I found that the portions of food were large and that I had enough extra dinner each night to give ½ to my envious husband. The only time I felt hungry this whole week was this weekend when I was off my prepared meals and left to try to figure out my calories and food on my own.


After feeling amazing on Tuesday and all day Wednesday, I confidently headed into a wine bar to help my good friend celebrate her 39th birthday on Wednesday evening. Did I mention I LOVE wine? I blame red wine and Spanish cheese (or any cheese really) for my extra weight. If I was shipwrecked on an island with only three foods to eat for the rest of my life, those 3 foods had better be cheese, salami and red wine.

Anyway, back to my story. I confidently walked into the wine bar and drank water. I did SUCH A GOOD JOB…for 20 minutes. And then I decided I’d just have one glass of wine. The first glass was so good that I thought it would be best for me to have another (see where this is headed?)

I felt like crap until about noon on Thursday. While I never made a public promise to NOT drink wine, I know that losing weight and drinking wine do not go hand in hand. My promise to myself is one glass of wine one day a week. This way I won’t feel deprived, but I will also be less tempted to OVERindulge.


I ended up at another wine bar on Friday (not of my choosing) and drank Ice Tea and water all night. I went to the gym Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday and did all types of group classes that challenged me (in a good way).

I feel stronger, I feel  leaner and rather than “dreading another week of dieting”, I’m stoked to kick off another week eating extremely good food that fills me up AND gives me the extra energy to workout too!

Oh, and since you’re probably wondering, I lost 1 pound! It’s not the 1.5 I would have needed to lose to average out at 20 pounds after 12 weeks, but it’s close and it’s more weight then I’ve lost in a long time!

Are you on your own weight loss journey? Chime in on the comments box below and let me know what you’re up to and where you’re at with it!

Farm to Fit Plan: 5 days at 1600 calories

Weight Lost: 1 pounds

Weight to lose to reach goal: 19 pounds

Weeks Left to Reach Goal: 11

Oh, and lastly, my sister took my “before” pictures at the gym on Tuesday. Eeek!! Sort of dreading showing you those, but I WILL show you the before and afters on my final week (I promise!)

XO, Anna