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Portland  3 Month Weight Loss Journey {Week 1!}

Somewhere between getting engaged in May of 2012, planning our wedding, starting a new business, getting married, traveling all around Asia and living in Mexico for a Winter…I gained weight.

What started out as a pound here and there, quickly turned into outgrowing my jeggings (stretch jeans anyone?) which I didn’t think was even possible. My weight gain suspicions were confirmed a few weeks ago as I stepped onto the scale at my doctors office.

How did I gain 19 pounds in less than 2 years?? And even more frightening, “How had I not realized this?”

I am 5’7 and for better or worse my weight distributes itself fairly evenly throughout ALL my body, not really favoring one area over another. Lucky me, right? Not exactly. This only makes it LESS obvious that I’ve gained weight (and less obvious that I NEED to lose it!) It’s pretty much like I’m proportionately me…but BIGGER.

A similar thing happened when I was 12. I remember weighing in at P.E. class in the beginning of 7th grade. As if the group changing rooms and showers weren’t terrible enough, I also had to get weighed in front of other students. But luckily for me and my little12 year old self-esteem, I was thin at 5’7 and 121 pounds. I’ll never forgot the shock on my teachers face when I weighed in 4 months later at 151. Puberty had struck and I appeared to be the only victim in gym that day.

I’ve fluctuated between 150 and 168 for my entire adult life. I’ve always considered myself “curvy” and I think I wear “not skinny” very well. However there’s a fine line between “curvy” and “chunky” and when I had to place my favorite pair of stretch jeans into the BACK of my closet to make room for my new (larger) sized jeans, I knew it was time to make some changes.

I’ve been around the diet block more than I’d like to admit and I’ve tried everything from Weight Watchers(it worked pretty well) to weird pills (later banned by the FDA). Atkins taught me to love bacon MORE than I already do and South Beach taught me that refined carbs are bad. Going vegetarian taught me that I’d kill for meat…


But what I REALLY learned from all the dieting was that NOTHING worked in the long run better than exercise, whole foods, less junk (alcohol included), and unfortunately tracking my calorie intake. You know, all the things that require effort on my part.


I’m not a weight-obsessed person, but I know when I feel good and when I don’t. Right now, I don’t.


So a few weeks ago I made a commitment to find a weight loss solution that is healthy and fad-free. I wanted to find an alternative to astronaut food, soy bars and juicing (which FYI doesn’t magically make you lose weight).


I searched around and stumbled on the Farm to Fit website. REAL food from REAL gardens prepared, delivered and calorie-counted for me? Wha!!! This seemed too good to be true. This would also help me to avoid reaching for inappropriate food or snacks when I am too busy or tired to prepare the healthy meals myself!


So here I am, ready to give Farm to Fit a try. I just may have found the perfect solution to my weight loss woes.


My goal is to lose 20 pounds and I am committed to do so in 3 months. My plan? Ordering and eating the food that Farm to Fit prepares (easy, eh?)


Each week I’ll give you an update of my stats (see below) and if you’d like to join along in your own weight loss journey, just comment on this post and tell us what your stats are. We can hold each other accountable for the next 12 weeks.


Let the weight loss journey begin!


Farm to Fit Plan: 5 days at 1600 calories

Weight Lost: 0 pounds

Weight to lose to reach goal: 20 pounds

Weeks Left to Reach Goal: 12

XO, Anna