Can you lose 20 pounds in 12 weeks? This woman did!

Portland 3 Month Weight Loss Journey {The End!}

Hey Farm to Fitters!

This is an epic week in my world! I am wrapping up my 3 month weight loss journey (which was actually 4 months minus some big breaks for travel and the holidays. When I started this journey in November (read first post here) I was pretty discontent.

I wasn’t fitting into my jeans (even my stretch jeans) and I seriously felt like NOTHING was working. I thought I was eating pretty good and I really didn’t realize why I was continuing to gain weight on what seemed like a weekly basis.

I decided to commit to this journey after I tried out Farm to Fit for 1 week and LOVED the food (and the instant pound I lost). I figured that if I saw great results in 1 week, that I could see stellar results in 3 months….and thus the idea was born.

Struggles along the way:

One would think that having delicious food delivered to your door twice a week to cover all your meals would make losing weight easy…but there were still things I struggled with like not over doing it with the sweets or alcohol in-between my meals.

Because I was tracking my weight so closely, I quickly realized that for ME to lose weight, I couldn’t drink much alcohol (like ANY) or else it would offset my progress. I also realized that “eating well” wasn’t enough in an of itself. I had to move my body to ensure that I would continue to make strides towards my goal. Sometimes this meant going to intense workout classes at my gym and sometimes it meant getting an extra mile long dog walk in at the end of the day. I purchased a FitBit about a month or so ago and it has been super helpful in giving me a clear look into my activity (lazy days vs. active days), which then helps me make better small decisions such as walking to the coffee shop as opposed to driving.


Speaking of goals…mine were a wee bit unrealistic at first. When I decided to blog about my weight loss I thought that I could EASILY lose 20 pounds in 3 months. Never mind that I didn’t really do the math to calculate that this would mean that I would have to lose more than a pound each week (which in my mind isn’t healthy or realistic unless you have quite a bit to lose).

Despite having been 20 pounds heavier than I wanted to be, I wasn’t obese, so losing 1 pound a week was PLENTY. And after I’d lost about 5 pounds, I realized that I was already SUPER happy with how much lighter and energetic I was feeling. Thus I shifted my goal from 20 pounds to 10 pounds and I feel SO happy in my body now that I’ve lost those pesky 10 pounds!

Another triumph was discovering that food could taste sinfully delicious without all the extra calories! I don’t know exactly how they do it (although I’ve picked up some tricks), but Farm to Fit did an amazing job of feeding me delicious food that was packed with veggies, protein and healthy grains that left me feeling more than full in between my meals (which is quite a feat for a 1200 diet…). I remember doing weight watchers years ago and while I was losing almost a pound a week, I literally felt STARVED. This process taught me that I could eat fewer calories and still feel full while also getting my nutrition needs met.

I feel better and look better than I have in at least 2-3 years. 

In case you are curious, my total weight Lost is 10.2 pounds and I stuck to the 7 day meal plan at 1200 throughout these 4 months. I loved it because it left me wiggle room to add in snacks I enjoyed so that I didn’t feel like I had to totally cut out anything. 

Now What?

I will most likely continue doing Farm to Fit for about 3 days a week to help me keep on track during the busy work week. It is such a great value and I think it actually saves me more money than what I usually end up spending with my mix of groceries and eating out.

Many of you have supported me for the last 4 months and have sent me kind words of encouragement, so thank YOU for helping me stay positive, focused and accountable on this journey!

XO, Anna