We’ve all been there at one time or another. That time in your life where you don’t have a second to spare, dishes are stacking up, dirty laundry is overflowing the hamper and the dust on your shelves is more than settling. The fact that you even made it to the grocery store is a feat! But organizing your newly bought items in the pantry is a luxury you just can’t afford. When things finally slow down and life slowly falls back into place, it’s time to tackle those forgotten shelves. Here are 3 quick easy tips to get your pantry in shape.

1. Buy storage containers.

It may seem simple enough but investing in some quality storage containers will not only help you organize but also help you stay organized. If everything has it’s place it’s easy to unload your next batch of goodies right where they belong. Check out what HGTV suggests: CLICK HERE.
2. Throw it out.

Yes, you may use the can of expired coconut milk next week, but likely it will sit there for a while. If you haven’t touched it in over a year, it’s got to go! Extra items quickly add up causing clutter and taking up space. Grab your garbage can and start throwing old goods away. If they are still usable items consider donating them.

3. Leave a little space.

Of course with smaller spaces you need to utilize the entire pantry to fit all of your goods, but if you have a little wiggle room, keep it clear. That way the next time you are in a bind, you can stash all of your groceries in the extra space and still keep your pantry looking pampered until you have time to organize.


Looking for other panty ideas? We suggest checking out Pinterest for some inspiration.