There is nothing worse than going to the farmers market without a plan and escaping with every piece of vegetation under the sun, just for it to go bad the next week. Coming up with a plan will help you get the biggest bang for your buck. What are the best deals? Here’s what we suggest:

Close Up of Hand Picked Beets

Ripe Pile of Juicy Tomatoes

Delicious Cucumbers in a Food Crate

Cucumbers are the perfect accent to any summer dish. Avoid the waxy tasting cucumbers by buying them in season at the farmers market. When they start to turn consider pickling them for a quick snack or salad garnish.

Close Up of Parsely

Nothing is better than fresh herbs! Enhance your dish flavors by picking up bulk seasonal herbs. Avoid waste by drying or freezing them to use later in the year.

There you have it! You are now a farmers market wizard, ready to tackle the fresh food candyland. Check out local listings to find the nearest market or check here.