Find yourself groggy and lacking energy at your desk or running errands? If you push yourself longer than four hours without eating, it’s important to get some fuel to keep you going. Next time you want to refill your coffee mug or grab a sugary treat, reach for one of these quick healthy snacks.

Veggies and Hummus

A classic tasty but quick, healthy snack is of course hummus and veggies! Dip carrots, sliced bell pepper and jicama into your fave flave to feel full and energized! Prep individual servings with tupperware or recycled containers for an eco-friendly, on-the-go snack

Trail Mix

Trail Mix is a quick and delicious snack that’s also affordable to make your own. Be sure to keep it healthy for sustained energy!

Start with dried fruit and nuts. If you NEED some chocolate, go for a tablespoon of dark chocolate chips. Get creative and mix it up by adding seeds or whole-grain cereals as well. Need a good starting recipe? Try this.

To ensure you don’t overeat, measure out a handful at a time, or pre-package servings in reusable containers for an easy snack to keep at your desk.


pocpcorn bowl farm to fit quick healthy snacks

Surprise! This movie theater treat is one of the best quick, healthy snacks! Pop some kernels, then top with olive oil or coconut oil, or try to add some herbs and spices. Leave the butter, salt and oil out of this snack and it becomes a healthy whole-grain snack.

Take your pick: Apple,Banana or Celery + Peanut Butter are all Quick Healthy Snacks

Keep a jar of peanut butter or almond butter with no added sugars in your desk as a healthy, easy pairing for produce. Nut butters’ proteins keep you full, while fruits’ natural sugars slowly process in your body to avoid the blood sugar crash common with vending machine snacks.

Trying to avoid all sugar? Then pair it with celery for a snack that’ll bring you back to the lunchroom– you could even throw some raisin ants on top!

stack of eggs farm to fit quick healthy snacks

Hard-Boiled Egg

For a one-and-done healthy snack, try a hard-boiled egg! Eggs pack in plenty of protein and vitamins to make the body happy, such as folate, B12 and thiamine. The best part is that they are easy to make in advance and easy to have on hand at home or in the office. Talk about an egg-cellent snack!

Pair these quick healthy snacks with quick healthy meals.