Over the next few weeks we will be introducing you to the team of people whose dedicated work creates those delicious, healthy meals delivered to your doorstep!

Team Member: Rachael Lamb

Position: Packaging and Delivery Manager


How long have you been with F2F:

“A year and a half!”


Delivery Route: 

North Portland, NE Portland, and the Vancouver, WA pickup location”


Delivery Day Jams: 

(Long pause) “It depends on the day really.  Let’s just say I’ve been into Ryan Adam’s self-titled new album recently.  But, generally speaking I’ll blast pop radio”


What is your favorite F2F dish:

“I get really excited when I see the Pulled Pork Sandwich, the Fish Cakes, the Pizza.  That burger Jeremy made recently is the best burger I’ve ever had. The German Pork Stew, which we haven’t done in a while, the Red Curry Beef, The Breakfast Sandwich, I could go on…”


Best part about working here: 

“The sound system.  Just kidding.  I really like having a list of things to do and checking them off as I go throughout the day.  Everything is always in motion here…all actions lead up to that delivery.  There is a small sense of accomplishment at the end of a delivery day – and by the next day, the whole process starts all over again – this work really is a team effort.  Everyone’s role is vital.  And that being said, everyone I work with is really great.  We laugh alot.  Oh – and I really like to drive.”


Favorite place in Portland to get a not-healthy snack:

“I was just introduced to Papa Haydn’s in the NW.  It was THE BEST chocolate cake.”


If you could deliver Farm to Fit to anyone dead or alive who would it be?  

“My Mom…because I never get to see her…only a few times a year.”


If you had to live anywhere else where would it be?  

“I think I’ve found my home here in the NW.  Eventually my fiancé and I want to live on a little homestead in the forest.”

'Icing the Bags' on delivery days is a straight-up decent core workout.

‘Icing the Bags’ on delivery days is a straight-up decent core workout.