Chef Kevin Sandri

At Farm to Fit, we sing Chef Kevin’s praises often. And rightfully so. He heats up the kitchen each week with his culinary technique and irresistible charm. As if that’s not enough, he has also agreed to bring all his wit and glory to the blog each month, purely for your enjoyment. Without further ado, ladies and gentlemen, we bring you…

Kevin’s Korner:

When I was ordering some Oregon truffles for the Valentine’s Day special, Peak Forest Fruit had something that to me finally signals the beginning of spring: nettles! Usually a volunteer crop on the farm, they’re really the first local vegetable available- a robustly flavored harbinger of the bounty that’s soon to follow. They pack a lot of protein for a leafy green, too, anywhere from 25-40% by weight, which is a great asset to us Farm to Fit-ers. So, spring has sprung, people! This is going to be a great and delicious season!