Okay, okay. So in all reality, we did it to ourselves. We let mastermind Chef Kevin Sandri loose one time, and now he thinks he runs the place. (He might, actually.) In any case, he definitely runs the kitchen and he is taking control with our latest menu item. Our loss of control is really your gain. In a good way.

Broccoli Pasta

Image via Italian Connection

We’re pleased to announce that Kevin’s famous broccoli pasta, also known as Scamuzzatura,  will now be included in the menu! He says of the recent addition,

“My Sicilian grandmother used to make this dish for me.  This was the dish she would whip up whenever she would watch me when I was little.  It was her go-to and something that I make now in her honor.  Luckily, I  found a way to lighten it up, so it fits into the Farm to Fit menu.”