It’s been more than 8 months since Farm to Fit started a whirlwind journey, connecting local farms to busy folks like you who want to eat well and be healthy. In an effort to always keep things fresh and fun we have been mixing up the menu. Below is an example of some of our newest additions – and we’d love your feedback! It’s all about continued growth, enthusiasm for our work and helping you stay motivated on your journey to a healthy lifestyle!


  • Breakfast empanada, salsa verde, lime yogurt
  • Sesame tuna, vegetable “teppanyaki”
  • Coq au vin, polenta, asparagus
  • Buckwheat pancakes, strawberry compote
  • Club, Smoked turkey, turkey bacon, English cucumber, gouda, red leaf, orange Cointreau mayo
  • 12 grain bread, broccoli-potato soup
  • Vegetable strata, sweet pepper coulis
  • Greek yogurt, granola, mango lassi
  • Crab cake, foraged greens, caper vinaigrette
  • Southwest meatloaf, tobacco green beans, new potatoes
  • French toast, orange confit
  • Tofu-bulgar tacos, salsa fresca, cotija, green salad, “margarita” vinaigrette

We hope you enjoy the new Farm to Fit flavors. Please feel free to send us any feedback at [email protected] and remember you are welcome to post photos of your tasty new dishes to the Farm to Fit Facebook page!