How to Stay Healthy for the Holidays

Smart Eating Tips for Winter Break

With our holiday break coming up, we’re helping you stay prepared to eat smart through the season with these winning tips for a healthier winter.

Things might look a little different this year, but experts are saying that this pattern break can be a great opportunity to build new healthy holiday traditions and habits. 

Due to the pandemic, many of your seasonal temptations might not be as present, but there are new dietary dangers to avoid. To help keep you on track and feeling festive, we’ve written up five easy tips on how to stay healthy for the holidays.

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What’s different this year?

Let’s be realistic: there are going to be a lot fewer office parties and holiday gatherings this year than we might normally have to navigate. That means fewer tempting buffets of cookies and fudge, fewer trips through treat-decked grocery stores, and more leftovers in the fridge. 

The pandemic presents some unique challenges for holiday health this year, though. With stay-at-home orders and public space closures, the risks of stress and boredom eating have skyrocketed, while physical activity has plummeted.

Though it’s still incomplete, we do have some data on the way many people’s diets have already changed during this year. 60% of Americans report cooking at home more, which more often than not produces a healthier meal than one from a restaurant. 47% reported an increase in how many sweets they ate, and approximately one third reported snacking more. With the holidays coming up, it’s looking like those numbers might keep growing.

The holidays can often be stressful and isolating despite their messaging of togetherness and peace. With this year’s additional baggage, it’s more important than ever to practice self-love. One of the easiest ways to show yourself you care is by eating healthy and intelligently. We’ve collected some simple tips below to help you stay cool and in control this holiday season.

Eat Smart, Not Stressed

We’re already cooking at home more, so make sure to keep that kitchen stocked with as many healthy favorites as possible this season. Having nutritious options ready at hand helps to make good choices easy. 

If you’ve got too many calorie-packed holiday traditions to count, consider making small, healthy substitutions that can carry over into future festivities.

Whether it’s for Christmas dinner or Wednesday lunch, pre-preparing meals or ingredients can take a load of stress off your plate. By metering out your cooking processes, you’ll be less likely to get stressed out during the actual “cook sesh”.

While you’re (hopefully) not leaving the house as much these days, make sure when you do, you’re not leaving hungry. You’re more likely to impulse buy junk food.

Buddy up

Find someone in your family, household, or social bubble to keep up health goals over the holidays.

Research has shown higher rates of successful long-term lifestyle changes when people work together to pursue these goals. A buddy can keep you both accountable and motivated to stick with your smart eating decisions.

One meal at a time

This isn’t contradicting the first blurb: you can still plan out your dinners in advance while taking things one meal at a time.

Nutritionists recommend eating slowly, avoiding the autopilot “unconscious eating” that we often fall into while watching TV during a meal. Pay attention to the flavors and textures of your meal, lean toward smaller plates, and eat until you’re satisfied, not “full.”

Remember that eating healthy isn’t about eating perfect, and that just because you go big for one lunch doesn’t mean you’re off track.

Watch Out for Liquid Calories

Alcohol, eggnog, and soda are all over-served during the holiday season, and they’re responsible for a heap of extra sugar and empty calories. By opting for calorie-free holiday drinks like spiced tea or seasonal seltzer, you can cut out one of the major factors in the annual Winter bloat.

Alcohol consumption is also linked to increased sugar and carb cravings, as well as reduced inhibitions, meaning you’re more likely to hit the “frig it” button and binge.

Practice Kindness and Forgiveness

Self-care and self-forgiveness are key during the holidays, especially this year. If you end up eating too many Christmas cookies, forgive yourself. Don’t focus on failing any dietary goals, but instead the progress you’ve made and how you can better prepare yourself to make a healthier choice next time. Be kind and encourage those around you to continue to better themselves.


With so many families across the globe experiencing food insecurity, this is one of the most important times to donate to a food bank if you’re able to.  You can find your local food bank here.

Final Thoughts

Though it’s a tough year for self-restraint and self-improvement, it may also be one of the most effective and rewarding times to adopt new, healthy life habits.

We’re off for the next week, so remember to order extra meals to stay stocked and stress-free.

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