Millions of people suffer from allergies, but did you know there are many things you can do to allergy proof your home? Although it may sound challenging, it is possible to make your home a safe haven from dust and mold. Follow these suggestions and keep your allergies at bay

Let’s start from the ground up. If possible, remove your wall-to-wall carpet and replace your flooring with hardwood, tile, or linoleum. By doing this, you avoid trapping dust particles, pet dander and skin particles in the carpet, which then get stirred up when we cross the room.

Allergy Proof Your Home with Air Filters

If you are unable to replace your carpet, be sure to vacuum at least once a week using a vacuum with double bags or a HEPA (high-efficiency particulate) filter, and try to have a low pile carpet or washable rugs on top that are easy to clean.

Try putting two mats at every entry into your home: one on the outside of the door and one on the inside. These mats will collect incoming dust and dirt and prevent them from being tracked into your home. Of course, removing shoes upon entering the house is also important in preventing the transfer of allergens in your home as well as taking the time to mop non-carpeted floors regularly.

Home Decor that’s Allergy-Friendly

When it comes to the pieces of furniture that fill your home, avoid upholstered furniture, which can trap allergens. Furniture pieces that are made from wood, plastic, leather or vinyl can easily be wipes clean and prevent allergies. Of course, it is not easy to keep fabric out of your home, so focus of items you can clean easily, such as using washable curtains and placing special allergen-proof fabric covers on mattresses, box springs and pillows.

Be sure to keep your home clutter free, removing unnecessary knick-knacks that collect dust and clothing you do not wear. The less items to regularly clean, the better!

Cleaning to Allergy Proof your Home

Speaking of cleaning, be sure to keep your home as moisture free as possible to avoid mold, which triggers asthma, congestion and other allergy related symptoms. Try to keep your windows closed and use air conditioning. Use high-efficiency particulate air filters in your air conditioning system and maintain humidity at about 50%.

The final steps to allergy proof your home is to clean your air filtration system often and add dehumidifiers to moist spaces like basements to keep moisture at bay. Check spaces such as bathrooms and underneath kitchen sinks for moisture as well and clean them often. Make sure they are well ventilated and kept dry just like the rest of your home. Then, take a deep breath and enjoy your allergen-free home!

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