How Important Is Breakfast for You?

Busting Morning Myths and Bringing Breakfast Facts

It’s not just a saying— breakfast is in many ways the most important meal of the day. But how important is breakfast for you? And what even is breakfast, anyhow?

Anyone can have pancakes at eight p.m . and call it “breakfast for dinner,” but is that true? According to Andrea Dunn, RD, the etymology of the word can offer perspective. “The term ‘breakfast’ means breaking the fast. And at some point in our day, all of us do that, whether it’s at 7 a.m. or noon.” Which means those pancakes aren’t really ‘brinner’ unless it’s the first thing that person is eating that day.

This might seem semantic, but it’s an important distinction to make that the common use of the word “breakfast” is the early morning meal, not the more direct “breaking fast” that we see above. So when we ask “how important is breakfast for you,” we ask two questions: How important is it to eat your first meal in the morning, and how important is your first meal of the day?

Breakfast benefits

While breakfast may not always live up to the hype, the bar has been set pretty high. You might not be able to cure all your ailments by eating before work, but a healthy meal as part of a morning routine can do your body and mind a lot of good. Of course, the number one reason you should eat in the morning is if you’re hungry!

Get your motor running

By eating early in your daily routine, you ensure that your body has proper fuel reserves to fall back on. Early breakfast eaters are proven to be more active during the morning!

Encourage mindful eating habits

People who eat breakfast are less likely to snack throughout the first half of the day and are more likely to reach for healthy snacks when they do. Good choices breed good choices!

Heart Health

Your body is the most effective at regulating blood sugar after waking up, so eating in the morning is an ideal time to fuel up with fiber and carbs to help lower your cholesterol.

Mental clarity and mood improvement

Studies have shown a link between giving your brain the proper nutrients it needs at the beginning of the day and higher brain function. You’re also more likely to be happy, maybe because you’re not constantly listening to your stomach growl!

Breakfast Myths

We’re not trying to hurt breakfast’s feelings. It’s just time we cleared a couple of things up. An infinite number of articles have been written on whether or not breakfast is the most important meal of the da

We don't know that it supporst weight loss

A recent study on the link between eating breakfast and weight loss called in to question the reliability of data on the subject. Their study found that on average, breakfast eaters weighed 15.5 ounces (less than a pound) more than those who skipped the meal routinely. 

Eating first thing doesn't "kickstart your metabolism"

Much has been made of the “conserve and consume modes” our metabolic processes cycle through. There is no evidence, however, that there is a direct cause-and-effect relationship between meal frequency and metabolic rate.

Correlation, not causation

Many of the studies where we hear about the lower risk of diabetes, heart disease, and other diseases associated with a regular breakfast routine lack a control group, classifying them as observational studies. These prove that people with healthy lifestyles are more likely to eat breakfast, but don’t prove that breakfast itself makes for a healthy lifestyle.

Why people skip breakfast

Nearly one in four Americans skip breakfast on a routine basis.  Their reasons for doing so range from not being hungry, to not having enough time, to trying to cut out calories, to simply finding food unappealing first thing in the morning.  While there’s nothing wrong with missing breakfast, dieticians like Liz Weinandy  say “skipping breakfast is almost seen as a missed opportunity for getting some of those nutrients that most Americans are not getting enough of, like potassium, calcium, and fiber.”  More than anything else, breakfast is another chance to give your body the fuel it needs

How Important is Breakfast for You?

If we’re talking about the first meal you eat of the day, then it’s very important. Just like every meal you eat, it’s the foundation of your energy stores, blood sugar levels, and mental health. If we’re talking about the morning meal you eat a bit after you wake up, then it varies person to person. Ultimately, you should do what feels and works best for your body when it comes to breakfast.

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