Fun Fact: French culinary folklore insists that the secret to a perfect cassoulet lies in the breaking of the skin or film that forms during the cooling process – seven times…

Those of you who ordered tomorrow night’s dinner may be having that very thought. Never heard of Cassoulet? You are not alone.

First and foremost, it rhymes with “HEY”, and it’s fun to say. (For even more excitement, say it with a French accent, as ‘cassoulet’ originates in the south of France.)

So… ‘What the HEY?’   Cassoulet: A slow-cooked casserole packed with protein and flavor, traditionally made with a variety of meats (duck, pork, goose, mutton,     lamb, etc.), white beans, and spices – topped with toasted breadcrumbs.

To make it even better, our Chef Jeremy has crafted a healthy version of the stew containing only pork shoulder and Andouille sausage!

“Cassoulet” sounds fancy, but it’s merely a reference the ‘cassolle’, or pot used to simmer the abovementioned ingredients. Historically a pheasant dish, cassoulet is   anything but fancy – though French food bureaus have established a 70/30 bean to meat rule (yes, actual committees exist to establish things like this – it’s no wonder that French food is so respected for it’s finesse and deliciousness!) And though cassoulet can be a bit labor intensive to make, the benefit is you have a one pot “casserole” to serve to the entire family.

In closing, and in spirit of French cuisine and culture, remember: eating delicious food is one of life’s great pleasures, not another source of stress or worry – so enjoy dinner! – cassoulet or no cassoulet!