At Farm to Fit we believe healthy eating should be delicious, joyous and fresh every time.

So who are we?

That guy on the left is Chef Kevin Sandri of Garden State fame. His reputation pretty much speaks for itself- winner of the Oregonian’s Diner Guide “Standout Italian Restaurant,” Judges’ Choice
award at Willamette Week’s 2010 Eat Mobile event. Kevin appeared on television with Good Morning America and the Cooking Channel’’s “Eat Street” and has had recipes published in magazines such as Sunset and Cooking
Light. Don’t let the accolades fool you though- this guy is down to earth, knows what tastes good and is hilarious to boot.

Those other two? That’s married couple Dre and G. Scott, co-founders of Farm to Fit and actors by trade- who else knows the pressures of being fit and keeping your body healthy better than actors? For these two, weight loss and the pursuit of healthy lifestyles has led to a realization: calorie-based dieting can work. The trick is that the food must be fresh, local and taste great!